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Gus Garcia has successfully represented countless clients charged with DWI during his 24 years of practicing law. Click below to learn how Gus Garcia can help with your situation today.

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Criminal charges can be life changing and should always be taken seriously, whether they are misdemeanor or felony charges. Click to learn how Gus Garcia fights to get his clients the best outcome possible.

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If you are facing any allegations of assault, it is very important that you seek legal representation because charges can come with negative repercussions and can permanently render you with a criminal record.

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If you have been charged with a theft crime, including embezzlement, or if you are being investigated for state or federal theft, it is important to seek counsel from an experienced Austin criminal defense attorney.

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Our Clients

  • I have a low bar for lawyer integrity, and Gus completely changed that. He was honest, open and knowledgeable about all the options, very fair with his costs and payment terms. He really went to bat for me, and got it done!
    Nicky Brown, Austin, Texas
  • For me this was almost a life and death issue. Gus was honest but comforting. He even reduced my cost at the end of the deal on his own because he thought that i had gone thru enough.
    Steven Murdoch, Austin, Texas

Criminal Defense Attorney Austin, Texas

I strive to provide the highest quality legal representation possible. The tenets by which I have always abided by in my years of practice are:

  • A commitment to the welfare of my client. I strive to rigorously evaluate the facts and the law of each of my client’s cases, in order to craft a strategy to achieve the best results.
  • Open communication and honesty with my client. I want my clients to feel that they can always speak directly with me about their cases. Please call me and we can set an appointment to talk about your case.
  • A hard-earned reputation for integrity that I’ve built with the judges and prosecutors. I adhere to the highest ethical standards of the profession of law.
Gus Garcia

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